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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Item of Interest Number 'Boffo Yocks':

Don Shula's Secret Scandal

Tell me what to do, cuz reading minds just kills the mood.

Saw The D-Plan last year at their Boston reunion show, had a great time. I'm fairly certain it's been longer than that since I've written in here, that's the only reason I'm even bringing it up. They played 'Fantastic!', which was just.

I have more to say, always do... 
Friday, August 05, 2011

Item of Interest Number '1951':

P&T: B.S.!- Teen Sex

So, it has been some time, I would imagine.

Today is my birthday.

So, like, it turns out I may have alienated somebody... unintentionally, for once.
Like, sorry, and shit.

I hope to do something tonight, but I have no idea.
Casey's only working until six, so that leaves us plenty of time to screw and also do something. Or at least screw.
But that shit's just an everyday thang, knowYmean?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who Does J0E Really Want For President Part 'E.O.T.C.':

1. Ryan Taylor
2. Tommy Ramone
3. Brian Regan
4. Tom Wopat

Samurai Sacrifice is the band I'm in now. Not too hot on the name, but the sound will grind your mother to dust.

We've got a show on the 16th of this month, which is this Friday. I'm fucking AMPED. For real. I'm playing low-key to save some 'energy' or 'mojo' or whatever for the show, but I'm literally jittering with anticipation. For no good reason, really, but it's good to have that old time feeling back.

Reminds me, I wish when got rid of it's 'Magic: The Gathering Card Creation' section, ten years ago or what have you, they had given us users some kind of notice. I had created a lot of stuff and there were some good ideas that I'd like to have access to again. Bastards. I guess I really oughta blame WotC or Hasboro, as they're the ones who 'requested' the site be taken down via the implications of possible legal actions. Bastards.

Presently watching 'End of the Century: The Story of The Ramones'. Sick! Now I wanna sniff some glue.

Not too sure if there's anything else to say... 
Friday, April 09, 2010

Item of Interest Number 'Turkish Twist':

Unpleasant World of Penn And Teller

As he lay upon the table, increasingly unaware that the sword of Damocles drew ever closer.

I've gotten no job offers yet. It's funny but it's also lame and I feel unsure about how I feel, if I can even trust what I think I feel anymore. Maybe.

Muzak has been going well. Got a new band going. It's pretty swell. Once the recordings go live, I'll probably post some sort of link.

I don't even know how I pass the time. It's pretty boring.

MySpace Music has gotten really lame. You can no longer stream songs or entire albums, etc. Now it's '30 second clips', and even those don't work. It used to be an awesome feature. Now it's mega-lame.

There isn't a single decent music streaming site anymore. Lame. 
Monday, March 22, 2010

Item of Interest Number '350125 GO!':

Never Too Young To Die (1986)

So, I'd like to just take the time right here to say "Fuck LiveJournal. Fuck it right in the ear!"

Presently, I am unable to access my LiveJournal. I've kinda forgotten the password. Mostly because back when I got my LJ, the fucking password had to be 80-million characters long and contain 500-thousand numbers and all that shit. I hate when sites give you rules about your password. Fuckers. I especially can't stand when they have a 'minimum character' restriction for passwords. "Password must be at least 12 characters long" and shit like that. Who the fuck are you, website of shit, to tell me what I can and can't have as a password? I choose to take responsibility for my own word of passage, thank you. If I want it to be one character, that's my own stupid problem. It's not like that makes it any easier to figure out. Fuck, it'll make it hard, since nobody would think you'd have a one character password (unless of course they were using a machine/software, in which case it's just a matter of time, no matter how long your password is). The funniest thing, too, is that it's always completely useless sites like LiveJournal or BeSonic that force you to have a password of at least a certain length with at least a certain amount of numbers, while my bank password only has to be longer than three characters and no more than ten. Simple. And that's protecting something people actually want to have access to. Fucking funny.

So, trying to figure out the password, I keep getting fucked by the IP ban for 'failing' too many times to get the correct password. Once again, I don't think even my bank takes these kinds of precautions, and they're actually fucking useful for something.

I wrote on the message boards and even appealed to the site admins with my hideous dilemma: I can't have the password e-mailed to my account because the client that hosted the account I signed up with NO LONGER FUCKING EXISTS. All both of them did was send back to me a link to the FAQ with the standard, pre-fab fucking message saying to click the 'forgot your password?" link and retrieve it from the e-mail account I signed up to the site with. Fucking. Assholes. They never even answered any of my fucking questions. I know they're busy, but they're obviously not too busy to finger and eat their own fucking assholes all day.

I don't wish too much specific harm on too many specific people, but I sure hope whoever is responsible for running LiveJournal, and whoever was ultimately responsible for coming up with and implementing the IP ban system and the 'character minimum' password requirements, totally all get run into by a motorcycle as they try to cross a busy New York intersection. A motorcycle being driven by the asshole forum moderator of the LiveJournal message board. Then they all catch on fire. 
Friday, March 19, 2010

Who Does J0E Really Want For President Part 'Triple-Deke':

1. Ed Leslie
2. Jim Heath
3. Duke McKenzie

Currently 'hard at work' re-recording and uploading material onto the MySpace of my new one-man venture, M.O.P.E.D..

Haven't gotten much done, just yet.

At the same time I am hard at work creating torrents and uploading movies, in pieces, onto YouTube (and possibly as whole files onto Google Video). I haven't made any of the videos public yet because, wonder of all wonders, instead of having any complete movies, all I have are various pieces of various movies. The reason for that? Well, each individual video can only be roughly ten minutes long. To chop the videos into ten-minute chunks, I have to convert them into a format that 'iMovie' can read (seeing as pretty much all of my movies are in '.avi'), then chop them up and convert the segments into a format that YouTube accepts (since the converted files pretty much all have too large a file size). This takes a fairly long time. To get as many videos done as fast as possible, I clicked an option that converted the segments based on which ones would convert quickest. This mixed up all the files of all the movies, rather than just doing that for each individual movie file. I don't think I explained any of that properly, but whatever.
There also could be an easier way to do this. I know one for Windows, but I'm not used to Macs. It's like using Windows 95 or something with all the weird 'patchers' and 'updaters' and 'bundles' I have to constantly download just to get it to do something as simple as encode a video or open a JPEG file. Lame!

Also, have been out of work for almost a month. Fuck. It's not too comforting a feeling but it's still more fun than being at work. I don't know quite what I'm going to do about a new job. I'm not getting anxiety about it but the prospect does make me feel anxious. 
Sunday, February 28, 2010

Item of Interest Number 31G:

Ninja Video

There's an asshole born every second.

Starting from the top it gets harder to rectify the importance of the 'two flag' system.

A curve is still a straight line. A circle is still a square. X never marked the spot.

Raise your hand if you're not sure what the hell you're talking about.

A lie was the truth when the future became the result of another past; a past that didn't occur until an alternate future had transpired. Paradoxically that happened before the future, but after tomorrow.

Close your eyes and you'll see into forever.
I promise you won't be this bored after you're dead.

Close your eyes so you can't see me crossing my fingers.



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